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Creative Spirit Shines Despite an Ominous Cloud   

Will AI strip our culture of its humanity, cause division, and enable mediocrities to pump Solyent Green into  hungry ghosts in desperate need of soul food? Or...
Will AI rekindle passions and inspire a vision of unity?


Image by Mélody P

The Challenge

As part of this May's campaign, we're giving Human and AI Artists alike an opportunity to SEEK Self-Evident Experiential Knowledge of the objective nature and limitations of AI-generated content. 

 Through a series of fun and inspiring challenges, creators of all stripes will be able to compare AI output with that of conscious artists in real time, in the spirit of shared insight. Do you accept?

Campaign  Goals

SEEK Truth

Since no AI can actually know, arguing beliefs held in the rational mind alone is pointless. Our experiment will show the Truth about AI. Lend us your eyes and add to the sample size.

Mend Division

Art for art's sake has its place, and AI tools can bring tremendous quality of life upgrades to casuals and pros alike when used in ethical ways to harness AI's inherent strengths.

Inspire Clear Vision

True insight arises when we dig deep in the face of challenges. Art for others' sake is forged in the fires of passion. Conscious creators let it shine through their work. 

Campaign Resources

SEEK Answers

Seen through the lens of mechanical nature, the vast majority of activity on this planet is not the work of True human beings but of human-like machines…intellectual hominids governed almost entirely by artificial intelligence—AI.

No one can reasonably argue that AI is anything other than mechanical—we say digital, but the first manmade computers were, in fact, analog. It is only proper to look at AI in its most primitive form, that is, simple computational devices. 

AI can never know the Truth. Why not? Because AI is a machine, its simulated synapses and neural network modeled after the human brain. And like all machines, the output of AI is determined by inputs, variables, and a process of comparison and selection based on weights (biases).

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