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"We face each other as God intended. Sportsmanlike. No tricks, no weapons, skill against skill alone." - Fezzik, The Princess Bride

Life is baffling. And it can be no other way. Obstructions, turbulence, and torrents raging in the river of time make us come alive and SEEK to express our highest nature. So too, the  most structured, living, capable water is first baffled. "Be water, my friend." - Bruce Lee

Taking the Challenge

Pick the challenge(s) that interest you from the gallery. There's a prompt to inspire you to express yourself for each day in May. Have fun, but don't avoid prompts that you find baffling. It's supposed to be a challenge, after all. Be sure to post your output on social media, and remember to grab an appropriate badge from the branding gallery and include it along with #ThisMAIFreeArt & #SupportConsciousArts. 

Diversity of Prompts

When devising these challenges, we worked hard to include prompts that would appeal to a diverse spectrum of casual and professional creators alike. We even included a challenge for everyone to imagine a world in which AI plays a significant role and share their insights into how such a world might be, for better or worse.

Inclusion of All

These prompts are for any and all creators - casual, professional, or somewhere in between. AI Artists take note: these prompts are to inspire you. You can, of course, include them in your AI prompts, but we realize you cannot input a couple words and expect meaningful output (try it and see what happens). 

Above All SEEK Fun

Life is a game of hide and SEEK. Its mysteries are hidden from us until we become intrepid explorers, who SEEK the bliss of questing for Self-Evident Experiential Knowledge. As creators, our bliss comes from birthing what's hidden deep within ourselves into the world. And every parent knows the joy and wonder  that arises from raising children. But we have to be present, else we might miss out on the fun...and the magic.

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