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Integral to Genuine Social, Environmental, Economic Innovation

SEE Real Change

You need both innovation and integrity for genuine SEE Change. Common ways of human thinking and doing tend to produce one or the other. ...At best, you might end up with some well-meaning, half-baked hybrid. Strategic Marketing of Social Enterprise is a fast-paced, high-stakes vocation; it’s not just about staying ahead of the game.  In the 21st Century, True market leadership is defined by brands genuinely and significantly raising the bar.  Paradigm shifts like Environmental Social Governance (ESG) seek to turn legacy capitalist interests on their head, revolutionize whole industries, and reinvent the game. Over the years, we’ve had the privilege of helping many entrepreneurs and enterprises do just that.  From innovating systems, products, and services to creating brand strategies to revolutionizing customer and stakeholder experiences.  We aim to SEE Social, Environmental, Economic growth by infusing your enterprise and your brand with True innovation and integrity.

You need insight to actualize both innovation & intergrity fully; SEE Change, via human being, done.


Being Insightful for a Humanity in Need

We don't have mere clients.  Attlas is in the business of serving the needs of humanity with creativity and integrity.  We serve Patrons, Partners, and Projects looking to SEE change in their world; SEE a better world for all.

We don't merely offer services.  Attlas lives and works by the Japanese tenet Omotenashi; see to others' needs first, for their sake; for goodness' sake.

Integral Branding

It's your identity, certainly.  But it should be much more than that. If it isn't, then it's just a façade, an illusion.  Individuals are sharper, more informed, with access to greater insights than ever before. Millennials and zoomers are especially adept at SEEing the True costs of offerings, operations, industry, and legacy. The costs of maintaining any illusion must be factored into your sustainability calculations.  Integral strategic branding mitigates such factors.  

Digital Marketing

AI may be on your radar as the next great opportunity to gain a competitive advantage in your marketing and communiations.  It will be, when all your competitors have bet the farm on it. You will watch from the high road above, as their 'bots slaughter each other in the uncanny valley below; and greet their customers fleeing a heartless online hell for True human contact.

Content Creation

Clear; confident. Comprehensive; concise. Creative; concrete.  Conscious; compassionate.  Constant; consistent.  No cheating; no coercion. Seriously committed to SEE Communication. 

SEE Change Consulting

The storm is not on its way; it's here, now.  Transformation?  An era of unfathomable confusion and revolution.  Will you really bet the future on the same old, same old?  Einstein's definition of insanity has never been more apropos.  Into that climate of fear, a legion of false idols, false starts and all out failures spring to life.  Claiming to embody the spirit of the age while preserving the comforts of the past; capturing only imaginations and precious resources.  Why?  Lack of insight.  A catastrophic deficit in consciousness.  What will, in time, take its place as the de facto most valuable global currency.  

Peeping Through a Leaf

Innovative Patrons

Integral Partners

Insightful  Projects


We Wrote the Book on SEE Change

The Attlas Project Volume One – See the World in a New Light, offers a vision of a new world on the horizon and the maps to get us there. In it, we give insights into where we are and how we got here—highlighting why so-called crises are really opportunities for human progress—and what minor course corrections should be made to avoid the dangers lurking in the darkness. Step one is to “SEE” (Strategize, Engage, Execute) problems in a simple yet highly effective way—the Attlas Process.  Step two is to apply the Attlas Process to crises/opportunities in economics, democracy, and culture. Step three is to see the big picture: a global vessel capable of harnessing the winds of change, storms included, and making it to the new world that awaits all humankind. It will, of course, be necessary to point out certain shortcomings of human civilization, but my intention is to be constructive and offer a positive outlook.  Unlike so many contemporary critics, comedians, or counsellors, I will not be serving up an all-out, no-holds-barred rant in the Attlas Project.  Not only is it commonplace in our culture simply to point out what’s wrong, it is functionally useless, in my opinion.  Pick up a newspaper, a remote control, or a mouse and you can see for yourself what’s “wrong” with the world.  But consider this: when you go to the doctor is it enough for him or her to give you a diagnosis?  Don’t you want to know what’s behind your symptoms?  Do you not also expect some medication or treatment program to cure what ails you, if at all possible?  So, in writing this book, my challenge is to stay positive, proactive, and constructive.  To aid in this effort, I will be presenting a series of diagrams (think blueprints) that should cut down on the rhetoric and make this more of a show and tell, which I hope you will find both entertaining and enlightening. 

 A case study in hope and optimism.

Dependable Discreet

Who in the hell is Attlas?  Never mind that, how in hell are you going to explain to your colleagues, who are used to running with the pack? You won't have to. Thanks to decades of experience, much to the relief of all, no one needs even know you are taking counsel from a lone wolf.  ​Attlas has no interest in winning hearts and minds for ourselves.  We are here to elevate humanity to its highest potential; that is all.  But we cannot do so alone.  Fortuitously, being that you are here now, you may know yourself to be one of the many individuals, groups, and enterprises determined to be a force of SEE Change in the world.  Attlas is here to help you elevate your world; elevate you. That is all. 

In an epoch of continuous challenges and change, we must all learn to be infinitely practical. 

Patron & Partner Views

Elisa Pritchard

“Attlas took the time and care to really understand our firm's needs, value, and values, and then crafted content which captured the very essence of who we are. In a way our customers can immediately understand.”


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